MagicStat makes it
easier to learn statistics

Designed for students instead of professionals

Both instructors and students love magicstat.

Saves Students and Instructors Time

No need to learn complex technology. Intuitive user experience
means students don’t waste time trying to get started.
Simpler experience means fewer questions. MagicStat’s accuracy
and ease-of-use means they spend less time asking questions during
office hours

“MagicStat saves students a ton of time and hassle.” Brook M., Clinical
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department

Easy to Use No Matter Your Experience Level

Easy access via any web browser, anytime, anywhere: Chrome,
FireFox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
Conduct complex analyses in only 3 simple steps: upload your
data, select the analysis, and choose your variables.

“MagicStat is very easy for beginners compared to SPSS.” Meng C., PhD
Student and First Time Instructor, Experimental Psychology